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James Lee - james@opensourcewebbook.com
James Lee is a hacker and open-source advocate based in Illinois. He has a masters degree from Northwestern University, where he can often be seen rooting for the Wildcats during football season. The founder of Onsight, he has worked as a programmer, trainer, manager, writer and open-source advocate. He is the co-author of the recently released Hacking Linux Exposed, Second Edition published by McGraw Hill/Osbourne. He has also written a number of articles on Perl for the Linux Journal. Mr. Lee enjoys hacking Perl, developing software for the web, reading, traveling and most of all playing with his kids who are too young to know why Dad's favorite animals are penguins and camels.

Brent Ware - brent@opensourcewebbook.com
Brent Ware grew up next to the Goodnight Trail on a farm/ranch on the High Plains of Texas, and fortunately got away as quickly as he could, as soon as he read Adam Osborne's book on microprocessors at age 14.

He started out as an electrical engineer, then gave up a promising, well-paid and boring career as an MSEE to go back to school and get a Ph.D in physics. After serving the requisite indentured servitude as a grad student in experimental high-energy physics searching for non-existent particles (University of Texas, BNL), he pursued the usual academic path of a postdoctoral fellowship (Caltech, LIGO, searching for very small ripples in space-time), poverty, followed by disillusionment, worthless stock options in lieu of salary at a telecom dotcom in Seattle, and is now a scientist in Los Angeles, working with "lasers." In passing, he has been exposed to multiple operating systems on a variety of computers, the great majority of which are now museum pieces (or junk) and their software fodder for trivia questions on comp.os newsgroups (from CDC 1604, Fairchild F4, PDP, VAXen, Alliant, Cray, Apollo, TI, IBM VM/CMS, Daisy, Wang, REI, and Intel Blue Box. Among others.). Fortunately, Linux seems to be a keeper, and he hopes it will stick around no matter what happens to Wintel. In any case, he took a vow to only use *nix and emacs and LaTeX and never burn any more neurons on transient, fly-by-night alternatives. He has been an unpaid sysadmin of Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X systems over the years on a variety of different platforms, and contributed to Hacking Linux Exposed, Second Edition, among other less prestigious publications in journals such as Physics Review Letters and is working on the Great American Novel.

He also has the best dog in the universe, and is a serious climber, having onsighted up to 5.11c, redpointed up to 5.12c, climbed a number of big walls both in Yosemite and in remote locations around the world (and attempted many more than he succeeded on), and has a number of first ascents. His greatest accomplishment is to hold down a full-time job, write a book, and climb outside more than 120 days per year (at the expense of any semblance of a social life). His goal is to win either the ISO or state lottery so that he can live the life of the full-time climbing bum in ease.